A development team with Italian gusto

Image uploaded from iOS.jpgSilvia Trevellin, our Italian gusto brings the smarts and sparkle wherever she goes. Here, she shares what led her to becoming a developer and why.

I was born 34 years ago in Vicenza, in northeastern Italy. After graduating in economics, I studied at university in sociology and communications.  After a few jobs working in administration at different companies, I felt I needed a change. I embraced the IT industry as a product owner and educator for different clients and web agencies. After a few years, I moved to Sweden for better job opportunities. Considering the language barrier (at that time, my English was a very real and authentic Spaghetti English) and, looking at the job market in Malmö, I decided to study to become a developer. Looking at myself now, almost 5 years later, I can say: "You Rock Girl!" 

How did you end up at KAN? 
Having a lot of friends in the IT industry, I had heard great things about KAN, so I had always considered applying for a position here because of that positive feeling. One day, I felt that the moment for change had come and I sent my CV to my friend John Scott Guggenheimer. A few days later I received an email from Harry (CEO) and the process began. I was thinking it was a dream come true! 

How would you explain to a 5-year-old what you are doing at work?
I'm transforming another person's drawing into a page on the internet.
Something that you can visit with your pad and it can show you pictures, texts or even a game.

What is the most evolving part of your job?
It is fascinating to me how a customer journey and a service can change so fast. Being a developer is not only knowing how to write code - it is also being part of a process of change together with a UX-engineer and designer. Every day can be an adventure! 

Why do you think there are so few women in programming/developing positions?
I think it's a result of cultural and social circumstance. As a woman, I know we have the same capabilities as men in the business of development. I have been a speaker at a few tech events to share my great experience: Be a Developer and a Woman. 

Which customer do you work with most and what do you do for them?
I work mostly for E.ON and I like the project. My mission is ensuring the front end parts work consistently with the KAN team and the customer. Challenging but great! 

What drives you at work?
I'm always feeling well accepted from my colleagues and the customer, both as a person and as a developer. My source of energy and motivation comes from myself and from the members of my team: a mutual sharing! 

Describe what it looks like in your office.
My office is like a beautiful home: created with a solid foundation, managed and administered with care, creative and sparkling, serious and smiling! 

Do you have any tips for those who want to be a good developer?
Find a good mentor, meet other developers and don't be scared of being "not good enough". We all learn something new every day! 

What do look forward to during this year?
Sharing my knowledge with other developers and customers in order to embrace new tech challenges.

Jobbar du redan på KAN?

Var med och rekrytera för att hitta din framtida kollega.


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